Midtown Capital Ltd is a London based private property company set up by a highly experienced team led by Craig Best, a founding partner of Bee Bee Developments Ltd. Craig co-founded Bee Bee more than 20 years ago and the company became one of the most active development companies in the midtown and city fringe regions of London.

Craig and his team carried out a wide range of projects across central London specialising in mixed use developments and created over 1,000.000 sq feet of high quality accommodation.Bee Bee were also active outside London not least in the successful promotion of approximately 20,000 new homes contained in three large urban extensions.   Midtown will continue in the same range of activity with a particular emphasis on the residential sector in the south-east of England.

Midtown Capital will seek to identify tomorrow’s growth locations and deliver value to our customers and investors by creating high quality developments in selected locations. Midtown will use geographical focus to identify opportunities and establish market position and create value by leveraging knowledge and expertise.  Craig is joined at Midtown by some of the executive team from Bee Bee.